Three Poems at Spring Thaw


I very occasionally write poetry.  I tend to be most poetically inspired at spring thaw, which has finally arrived here in Wisconsin after a long, long winter.  It’s only fitting that I share some of these poems after a long, long hiatus from my blog.  Happy spring equinox!


Daughter’s Comfort and Completion

Fill my nostrils     with the wet scent of forest floors
That which clings and mingles with my father’s flannels
as he wipes the sweat collecting on his brow below day-glo cammo
The smell of pines at winter’s thaw with the moon
bright light casts shadows and I need no LED
Decaying leaves and mossy rotting half-stumps
remind me of mortality and morality
and beauty in death

Fill my nostrils with the sweet scent of forest floors
Spirals of spores, earth and sweat
Dad’s Dodge pick-up filled with
fresh mud on hip boots,
last year’s locust leaves,
and our bodies
I finger the acorns collected in folds of Woolrich and lay my head down on
Dad’s knee
He always smells of the sweet, wet scent
of decaying leaves
on forest floors

– 10 February 2009




Suffocating, smoothered below dense snow at thaw
Matted shag carpet muted green

Sick or dead things
submit to the routine of rot
Leaves unmoved by the beauty of their decomposition
grasses yawn through re-immersion with soil
cattail stalks whisper secrets as skeletons
as ghosts
as witnesses to Winter’s final hours passing

Short of breath
her chest cavity unable to expand in
stagnant air
suffering birthing pains of a new season

muffled by reluctance

– 26 April 2010


A Hope

Packed snow thaw slick
heavy hearts sing into Spring’s first glimpses
A thousand rivers running over roots and under boots
carrying winter’s heavy layers.
She moves awkwardly
alongside earth’s memories’ impressions,
coyote defecation,
feathers and skin from a mid-March meal,
and warm spring-fed waters
bright green flora,

– 14 March 2014


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