Welcome to the blog of Ms. Sarah Tops.  I originally started this blog under the title “Beyond Bloomers,” as a forum to organize my thoughts around bicycle culture — mainstream, alternative, and radical.  I quickly realized that I lack the discipline to produce regular blog posts.  However, being attached to the idea of a place to post my irregular musings on bicycles and beyond, I re-started my blog under a broader, more personal theme and a new title, “Life’s Derivative.”  The name is a nostalgic one, borrowed from my first HTML GeoCities website created in high school, when I was apparently geeking out over calculus.  Those were the days, eh?

Who am I?  I’m a transfeminist “bike lady,” having worked as mechanic and manager within professional shops and grassroots bike projects for the past 10 years.  Community, honesty, and accountability are very important to me, and I operate within frameworks of mutual aid and anarchism (i.e., respect and cooperation will make magic happen).  I care deeply about our human and non-human relatives and ecosystems, and strive for balance of work and play in all that I do.  I’m also a big nerd who’s into things like tabletop role-playing games, fantasy epics, and making cool shit, and I occasionally contribute to The Anarcho-Geek Review.

Thanks for reading!

A happy moment: demonstrating cycling hand-signals before a DreamBikes community ride in Madison, WI, 2010.


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